Tuesday, June 19


Robin & Sam were married on Saturday under the beautiful arches of the St. John’s Bridge.

It was a beautiful day and the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony. When we started the day together, it was sunny, hot, and breezy. Fortunately, a light layer of clouds rolled in just before the ceremony began, giving us the perfect light.

Robin & Sam were both getting emotional as Robin read her vows to him. Heartfelt, personal words shared in front of family & friends can sometimes lead to the most emotional moments. Sometimes people stay away from those deeper emotions, afraid they they’ll cry, mess up their mascara, be unable to clearly say their vows. I have to say, though, that I love it when people open up fully. When they dare to say all the things they are feeling.

During Robin’s vows, Sam did one of the sweetest things I have ever seen during a wedding ceremony. He grabbed Robin’s hands, pulled them towards him, and pressed them firmly – yet sweetly – into his heart. It was as if he just couldn’t show her how much he loved her, but that she had to feel it with her own hands.

This image will never leave me.

Thank you, Robin & Sam for allowing me to share in your wedding day with you. You two are open and generous and it was a joy to see you celebrate with your family and friends.

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Tuesday, June 5

The Kiss

When you look at some wedding photos, you’d think that “the details” of the wedding are the most important. 

I disagree.

I don’t personally see enough wedding kisses when I look at other photographers’ work. When you look at all of the blogs and websites out there today, I think that the kiss sometimes gets lost in the sea of “detail shots” that everyone seems to be focusing on right now. Your first kiss as a married couple is an incredibly significant part of the day and, in my opinion, we should see more of them!

The couple, their families, their guests, and the love and excitement that surrounds a wedding day are the most important. If you love your partner and you’re excited about the wedding, that is what is most important to me. Don’t get me wrong, spending a little time and money on “the details” (flowers, cakes, place settings, candles, etc.) can add striking beauty to a wedding, but these things should be the backdrop and not the subject of your wedding photographs.

If the people at your wedding are most important to you, please make sure your photographer’s specialty is photographing people – and that their top priority will be documenting interactions between you, your partner, and your loved ones – including the kiss at the end of your wedding ceremony.

I promise that I will be spending 99 percent of my time photographing the people at your wedding, working hard to get all of the meaningful shots of you and your loves ones that you will treasure for years to come.

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Quiet, Together

This past weekend was my last weekend without a wedding until mid-September of this year. I stayed out of the office (and away from my iPhone as much as I could) and I focused on simply enjoying a quiet and, relatively, unstructured weekend with my kids and my husband. We went to our local Farmer’s Market, we worked in the yard, we sat on the deck and enjoyed the sun, we had a Saturday night out on the town, and we soaked up every bit of the quiet that was available to us before wedding season takes over next weekend. You might think that I will miss these quiet weekends at home – and part of me most definitely will – but I am also super excited about my summer wedding season making it’s official start next Saturday…and I am thrilled about all of the incredible couples I get to work with this year!

In this beautiful engagement photo of Chelsea & Joshua, I captured the simple, sweet interaction that I saw these two share repeatedly during our afternoon spent together. Chelsea & Joshua work opposite work schedules and don’t always have a day off on the same day of the week. The Sunday in April that we spent together for their engagement session was the first full day these two love birds had been able to spend together in about a month.

Looking forward to the summer ahead and looking at this photo makes me feel a deep appreciation for the love I have in my own life…and it makes me remember that I must always make a point of spending unstructured, quiet time with my loved ones.

Tuesday, May 22

Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Katie & Patrick’s wedding fell on the same weekend in January as several of their loved one’s birthdays. I was impressed with how thoughtful Katie & Patrick were to honor each of these guests with their own candle-topped cupcakes after their cake cutting…and it was really great to see how special all of these honored guests felt when they realized that their own special days were being remembered.

Tuesday, May 8

"It's Perfect!"

Kassie’s mom and sister were the one’s to zip Kassie into her wedding dress. When they saw how perfectly it fit her, they both seemed full with a mix of excitement and relief that everything was coming together so beautifully and they almost cheered with excitement: “It’s Perfect!” 

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Tuesday, May 1

A Beautiful Chapel Wedding

Kassie & Troy were married at the beautiful chapel at The Abernethy Center on Saturday!

Not only was the day full of all of the beautiful details that make a wedding visually stunning, but (even better yet) it was filled to the brim with Kassie & Troy’s sweet love for each other.

When Kassie first contacted me in January, she started out her email to me with the subject line: “Do Our Wedding Please!” I was happy when I said yes in January and I am even happier today. Sharing in the celebration with Kassie, Troy, and their families on their wedding day was a big reminder of how much I love what I do. Thank you for having me, Kassie & Troy! The pleasure was all mine.

Tuesday, April 17

Hugging Dad

It’s not very often that I see receiving lines. Even though a lot of couples don’t want to spend the time having a receiving line, one of the nice things about one is that your photographer gets a chance to capture photographs of all of your guests interacting with – and hugging – you. In my opinion, a receiving line immediately following the ceremony usually ends up being more intimate than waiting until the reception to greet people at their tables. Sometimes the schedule or location doesn’t allow for an easy receiving line, but if it does, I would suggest considering one…especially if you like hugs.

Erin & Andrew had a receiving line at their Bell Tower Chapel wedding and at the head of the line was Andrew’s dad. I love the fullness of this hug that Andrew gave his dad.

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Tuesday, March 27

Say Yes! To An Engagement Session

Photographing a couple before their wedding is a luxury, in many ways. Hiring me for an engagement session is a wonderful investment in your wedding photographs. An engagement session is another couple of hours that we get to spend together before your wedding day. It’s a chance for me to watch you as a couple, talk to you and learn more about you, and a chance for you to become even more comfortable around me (and my big cameras). ;) It’s also a chance for me to see what photos you love of yourselves, which can help guide my approach to photographing you on your wedding day.

Consider hiring me for an engagement session as part of your custom wedding photography package!

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Tuesday, March 20

The Boiler Room

When you get married at a McMenamins, you’re probably a pretty relaxed couple and you probably love beer…but not every couple who gets married at one of the many Portland-area McMenamins makes the time to have a beer alone before greeting their guests at their reception. Katie & Patrick made room in their schedule for having a beer at The Boiler Room Bar after their ceremony at The Kennedy School.

I love it when my couples make a point to make time for themselves on their wedding day.

professional and passionate wedding & portrait photography in portland, oregon | www.eringracephotography.com